bouldering is super social & anyone can do it.

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what is bouldering?

think rock climbing… but with shorter walls & padded mats so no need for ropes, partners, or other gear — bouldering can be done outdoors on real rock, or indoors on specially designed walls like we have at BlocHaus.

bouldering is a fun, challenging & rewarding activity that builds mental and physical strength, it’s super social & anyone can do it, any time, with or without a partner.

is it for me?

…yep, bouldering is for everyone!

regardless of your background or athletic experience, we have something for everybody at BlocHaus.

what’s on offer?

bouldering, a fitness training area, specialised climbing training, a slackline, classes, in-haus coffee & treats​ — also our FamilyHaus has climbs designed specifically for kids & families.

we’ve got shower & change room facilities, as well as friendly staff to answer any questions you may have — everything you need can be hired or bought in-haus, so come on in & be boulder than most!

what do I need?

all you need to bring is yourself & an open mind, you will need to hire climbing shoes if it’s your first time.

come with friends or on your own — though climbers are a social bunch, so be warned you’re likely to leave with more friends than you came with.

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