classes & coaching for all abilities.

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boulder beginner.

whether you’re a brand new boulderer, or been away from the sport a while & are keen to brush up on the very basics, this class is for you!

boulder better.

this class is all about rising to new challenges in-Haus. For when that purple or black project feels juuuust out of reach, this class is all about giving you a leg-up!

climb fit.

Let’s get climb fit! Our newest drop-in class is all about building strength, mobility & endurance to get you bouldering better.

boulder balance.

explore spatial awareness, movement & control with Ella!

bould moves.

Hop to it — Bould Moves is a parkour class at BlocHaus CBR! Bould Moves class is all about covering new ground in fun, dynamic movement.

yoga with laura.

6pm tuesdays & 7:30pm wednesdays

boulder kids.

our boulder kids program kicks off again soon!

perfect for kids ages 12-16, our 6-week program offers facilitated fun & fitness. Classes run every Wednesday afternoon for 60 minutes & will be led by Beau, a qualified school teacher with years of climbing & setting experience.

contact us if you have any questions about class & coaching options — our crew are always happy to help.