classes & coaching for all capabilities.

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be boulder, be better.

we offer a range of in haus coaching & classes for all ages & abilities.

  • $20 members
  • $25 non-members (gym entry included)

climb fit.

this course aims to help climbers grow their strength base & apply this to their climbing movement & build more endurance — it focuses on improving body awareness & aid in prevention of common muscle imbalances that may lead to injury.

boulder beginner.

this class aims to help newer climbers to improve their footwork, balance, movement, technique & route reading skills, building a base to tackle tougher challenges on the walls.

boulder better.

this class is for climbers wanting to take their climbing to the next level — covering everything from specific training protocols to advanced footwork, & beta to get you to where you want to go!

ski fit.

coming again soon!

10 week kids programs. 3 feb–8 apr 2020.

  • for ages 10–14yrs
  • one 90min class per week
  • 10 places per class
  • $320 program fee (includes gym membership)

boulder kids open.

boulder kids intermediate.

contact us if you have any questions about class & coaching options — our crew are always happy to help.

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